YRGBK quick start

YRGBK 3 Quick Start Guide

YRGBK3 converts full color images into multichannel color separations for screen printing on light and dark substrates. YRGBK creates Simulated Process colors, using a specific set of 7 color channels, plus White and Black, to reproduce a full color image. The settings are fully customizable, and can be saved to create custom separation profiles.

YRGBK3 runs in Adobe Photoshop CS5 through CC.
Install the Script

Copy the entire pspscripts folder, located in the download, to Adobe Photoshops scripts folder (If a pspscripts folder already exists copy only the contents to the existing folder) Located in:
(Windows) Program Files folder: ~ Adobe Photoshop/presets/scripts
(Mac) Applications folder: ~ Adobe Photoshop/presets/scripts

Install the Action Button - Optional

In the Downloads folder, double click on the YRGBK.atn file to install the Action into Photoshop. In the Action window menu, set the window to Button Mode.

scripts folder

Set the Color Settings

Before beginning it is best to configure Adobe Photoshop's color settings.

In the Photoshop menu go to:
Edit/Color Settings.

• In the color settings window set the Working spaces RGB profile to Adobe RGB.

• Set the Gray Working space and the Spot Working space to 30% (or use a custom value).

color settings

Processing a file

Start with an open Adobe Photoshop document, in RGB mode, containing a single layer on a transparent background.

In the Photoshop menu, go to:
File/Scripts/PSP YRGBK3
Click on the YRGBK3 button in the Actions window, if installed.

Action Buttons

Selecting the script prepares a new document and opens the YRGBK3 window. See Creating a Color Separation in YRGBK 3.