Yrgbk 3.0

YRGBK 3 – Setting a new standard for color separation tools using Adobe Photoshop®

I am happy to announce the latest version of Yrgbk. With powerful new features and a full set of configuration options, Yrgbk3 puts professional color separation tools into your hands.

 Developing a color separation tool set that meets my needs as a professional artist, while making the skills accessible to others, has been an amazing journey. This latest version really pulls everything together when it comes to creating quality simulated process color separations. All the adjustment tools I need are available, while presenting an easy to understand basic interface.

The Settings tab in the YRGBK color separation script
The Settings tab contains the primary controls needed for adjusting a color separation

 This version includes powerful features like the ability to save settings and preview the results, individual color adjustments and fully customizable Black and White channels. The new interface now has a simple mode which displays  a basic settings dialog for making global adjustments, and an options dialog for configuring the preferences. 

 Most jobs can be quickly adjusted for optimal printing using the basic interface. For advanced adjustments, and for creating custom separation profiles, the additional dialogs can be displayed.

Advanced configuration in the YRGBK color separation script
The additional tabs allow for custom configuration

The Color, Black and White tabs allows each colors generation style to be customized, along with the Black and White channels. The three tabs can be configured and hidden, and their settings saved to a custom profile.

 Being able to work progressively by making changes and previewing the results, or by running a separation and being able to run it again with the same settings, provides a huge boost to the work flow. The simplified interface removes the clutter and promotes focus, while providing access to the most powerful configuration options available.

The options tab in the YRGBK color separation script
The options tab is used to configure the preferences

You can contact me for an upgrade via the support page.