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Technical support:
For technical support please contact me via the support form link above. You can expect a reply within 24 hrs, though usually sooner. Most issues are resolved quickly and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Bug fixes and changes are posted to the change log below, which is updated when a new release is issued.

• I am currently running YRGBK 2.3, how do I update to version 3?
- All YRGBK 2.3 users can update to version 3.0 for free. You will need to be using PS5 or higher to run the script. Just send me a request for a new download link and you are set.

• When I run SimRip3 I only get a single channel and the success window.
- This is a bug that was fixed in version 3.0.2. if you send me a request for a new download link we will get that fixed for you.

• I need to make custom spot colors for my printing technique, does YRGBK do this?
- YRGBK is designed to generate Simulated Process colors for screen printing, which is a single set of 7 colors plus White and Black that can reproduce a full color image.
That said, this initial set of colors can be used to create any type of color separation with a little extra work in ®Adobe Photoshop.

Change Logs:

• Fixed Srgb preview and made it the default
• Fixed preview display issue on Windows
• Changed incompatable prferences warning
• Save preview and prefs to user data

• Added options to the Cleanup function
• Rebuilt equalize function
• Changed Black color adjustment presets
• Fixed Black and White base calibration
• Fixed Purple transition mask
• Fixed merge output colors
• Speed improvements

• Changed output merge - Purple to Magenta and Blue
• fixed Masked Channels Error - improved speed
• fixed Purple transition mask - added Masking to blue channel
• Adjusted the presets

• Completely redesigned interface with an in script preview and support for saved settings.
• Improved the Black / light Black generators and changed the color adjustment method for both Black and white.
• Overhauled most of the functions.

SimRip 3

• Fixed round dot bug that caused script to fail when a Round dot was selected for the shape in the first channel

• Fixed language bug that caused the script to fail in non english versions of Adobe Photoshop