Color separations for screen printing.  YRGBK is like having another color mode in Adobe Photoshop®. ConveYRGBK Co;or Separationrts RGB  color to 7 hues plus white,  gray and black.

The YRGBK color separation script runs in Adobe Photoshop® CS3 – CC .

SimRip 3

SimRip 3, halftone software for screen printing using Adobe Photoshop®. Automatically create printable halftones, SimRip_iconSimRip 3 creates a single multi-channel document with halftones from your cmyk or multi-channel color separation. The resulting high resolution color channels can be printed directly from Adobe Photoshop® onto film.

In addition to useful presets and variable inputs for dot sizes and angles, SimRip 3 gives you access to  the Bitmap conversion dialog for each channel during processing. Convert any Adobe Photoshop® document with one to 14 channels. SimRip 3 runs from the script menu in Adobe Photoshop CS3 – CC on Mac and PC.

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