Halftone software for screen printing – SimRip 3

SimRip3 - Halftone software for Adobe Photoshop®.

Create printable halftones from CMYK and Spot color channels simply and easily in Adobe Photoshop®. Convert any color separation up to 14 colors to a ready to print, single document with custom halftones .

How it works
Launch the script from an open document and SimRip will display it's main dialog. Enter the values you prefer for each channel, or just click OK and use the default settings. SimRip will create a new document, with all the original color channels, in high resolution halftones. SimRip3 handles up to 14 channels per document.

Under the hood
SimRip starts by creating a new output document at the resolution set in the options dialog. Each channel in the document is then converted to high resolution bitmap, while retaining the original color values and channel settings.

Halftone software for custom printing

Ready to Print
Channels generated by the SimRip script can be printed directly onto film using an Inkjet printer, and used for making high quality halftone screens. Output files generated by SimRip are already halftones, so they can be printed as separations using any Driver or Rip.

Dot Size and Angle
Customize the dot size and angle for each channel in the main dialog.

Elliptical, Round and Line halftones
Set the dot shape in the main menu for each channel. Use elliptical dots for standard halftones, and Round or Lined halftones for custom effects.

Custom Bitmap
In addition to the default dot size, shape and angle options, custom bitmap settings for all channel conversions can be modified by checking the Show Dialogs box. This option allows for a wide range of creative solutions to printing multi-channel documents.

Print Preview
Apply gain to the image to simulate the effects of the printing process and create a preview document. Identify problems and adjustment areas quickly without guessing.

Transfer Function
SimRip even includes a transfer function option, to help dial in the perfect output.

SimRip - halftone software for Adobe Photoshop® Halftone patterns created using SimRip[/caption]

SimRip 3 - runs from the script menu in Adobe Photoshop® CS3 - CC on Mac and PC. * English version.

SimRip 3 is also available as part of a Bundle with YRGBK3

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