Screen Print White

The Custom White Generator

Screen Print White

The Custom white generator provides complete control over the white generation process, creating both highlight whites and custom base channels in Adobe Photoshop. The results are consistent, quality white channels designed for screen printing every time.

Bases covered
In addition to a Highlight white, the white generator creates a base white with options for choke, curve and custom color adjustment. The base white can be customized to your printing style and conditions.

Just the white
This stand alone script for Adobe Photoshop® is the same White generator used in the YRGBK script, with some additions. Base and Highlight spot color channels can be created in the same document you are working in, or into a new document.

Custom White - runs from the script menu in Adobe Photoshop® CS3 - CC on Mac and PC. * English version.

• Custom White is also available as part of the YRGBK 3 Bundle.