Screen Print Black

The Custom Black Generator

The Custom Black script is designed to create a Screen Print Black, useful for multi-color or single color printing. Unlike CMYK black, the Black generator creates a Black for separations without Gray components in the color.

At the heart of the Black generator is the Saturation Mask and the Gray Ramp. The Saturation Mask setting limits the amount of black printing into color areas, while the Gray Ramp settings determine the Gray channel values. The Color adjustment option allows additional control over selected color ranges.

The Black script is designed to handle the basics. while providing options for creating custom Black channels. Dot Gain is managed by the built in Gray and Spot color settings. New Channels are created right in the working document, or in a new document. The Saturation mask can be saved for custom editing. And more.

Just the Black and Gray
This stand alone script for Adobe Photoshop® is the same black generator used in the YRGBK2 color separator, with some additions. The Custom Black script is helpful for making new Black and Gray channels quick.

Custom Black - runs from the script menu in Adobe Photoshop® CS3 - CC on Mac and PC. * English version.

Custom Black is also available as part of the YRGBK 2.3 Bundle.