Creating a color separation using YRGBK 2.3

Creating a color separation using YRGBK 2.3

YRGBK 2.3 is designed for making Simulated Process Color Separations  for screen printing, using Adobe Photoshop®. The script generates a set of printable spot color channels from an RGB Image. 

Once YRGBK is installed (see link) in Adobe Photoshop’s scripts menu, creating a color separation is simple.

1. Start with an image you have prepared for Color Separation.

2. Launch the YRGBK script from the script menu or actions palette.

3. Adjust the settings.
it helps to run the script a few times on an image so see if the results can be improved by adjusting the settings.
Beta version: Click the Preview button to inspect the results, and change the settings as needed.

4.  Click OK.

That’s it. Looking at the Channels window you will see a set of new color channels below the RGB channels. Channels without any color data can be discarded, along with the RGB channels when any adjustments are finished. The only channels we need are the Substrate channel and the Color Separation channels with color data.

• Double click on the Substrate channel and click the color box to change the color behind the image.

• Adjust or customize the color separation for your print environment.

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