Color Separations for Screen Printing

Color Separation software for Screen printing using Adobe Photoshop®

Designed for Printing on paper and textiles.
Professional color separation tools for Artists and Printers
using Adobe Photoshop CS5 through CC

An image being converted from RGB to spot colors using YRGBK 3.

Create full color separations for Screen Printing with Adobe Photoshop®.
YRGBK 3 is designed to separate an RGB image into a specific set of 7 color channels plus Black and White.
• Channel options include Highlight White and Base White, Light Black, and Gray. Designed for light and dark substrates.
• Customizable settings with save and preview options.
Fully documented.
• High quality output developed for, and by, professional color separators.
• Used by artists and printers worldwide.
• Works in Adobe Photoshop versions CS5 through CC.

A color separation being converted to halftones using SimRip.
Photo by Peng LIU

Automated Bitmap Halftones for multi-channel color separations.
SimRip 3 is designed to convert channel values to halftones for spot color printing.
• Simple to use and easy to print. High quality halftones are generated right in Adobe Photoshop.
• Channels retain their original colors and sequence.
• The output can be printed directly to a Rip or standard printer.
• Includes a Print preview function which allows an image to be proofed in halftones before going to press.
• Works in Adobe Photoshop versions CS3 through CC.
SimRip Quickstart guide
SimRip Settings
Creating halftones with SimRip